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The Great U-Turn


Do you recall a time in America when the income of a single school teacher or baker or salesman or mechanic was enough to buy a home, have two cars, and raise a family?

I remember. My father (who just celebrated his 100th birthday) earned enough for the rest of us to live comfortably. We weren’t…

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Robert Reich: The Democrat's Version of Health Insurance Would Have Been Cheaper, Simpler, and More Popular (So Why Did We Enact the...


House Majority Leader Eric Cantor says Republicans will seek to delay a requirement of the 2010 Affordable Care Act that all Americans obtain health insurance or face a tax penalty. ”With so many unanswered questions and the problems arising around this rollout, it doesn’t make any sense to…

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BREAKING: Federal Judge Blocks Texas’ New Abortion Restrictions


That one Wendy Davis protested for 11 hours and Rick Perry passed anyway. 

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It’s much easier to get away with being completely and utterly unreasonable when the media won’t call you out on it.

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More than 40,000 people sign on to support lesbian teacher



Carla Hale, a teacher at a Catholic high school in Ohio, made news last week when she was fired after her mother’s obituary revealed that she was gay. But in just days, her students have helped gather 40,000 signatures on an online petition to support her.

Hale told The Columbus Dispatch that when she returned to work following her mother’s funeral last month, school administrators showed her a letter a parent, “appalled” that Hale’s name was listed next to another woman’s in the obit, had written to the Roman Catholic diocese of Columbus. The Diocese of Columbus fired her a few days later on Holy Thursday, according to a release from 

“To see The Church, which is rooted on love and acceptance, show such intolerance is extremely disheartening,” said Hope Vacarro, a senior at Bishop Watterson, according to  “Ms. Hale is a woman who has dedicated her life to the education of children, and she deserves immense respect for that. She is a moral and ethical educator who has done nothing but bring friendship and guidance to Watterson students.”

People are amazing sometimes. 

Since this story went viral, the school has been targeted by threatening phone calls. Don’t do that. There are more productive ways to handle this situation.

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Your conspiracy theory supercut of the day starring Fox News’ analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Napolitano is just one of the mouthpieces that allow conspiracy theories (often originated by Infowars’ Alex Jones) to get play in the national media—and Congress.

A disclaimer about this video: it might give you chills. 

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Tell the Boy Scouts

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‘Disgrace’: MSNBC President Phil Griffin Slams Fox News For Not Broadcasting Obama’s Gun Speech | Mediaite

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The “stupid party” can’t help it. This shithead is further proof that an IQ test isn’t a requirement to hold office. #republicans #gop #dumb

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“If you want to do better with black voters, we don’t need you to explain our history — we need you to make an argument for why your policies are better for our futures.”

— Melissa Harris-Perry destroys Rand Paul in less than five minutes

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Campaign for America's Future: Why Cutting Social Security Benefits Is Such a Big Deal by Keith Ellison


Last week President Obama announced a budget that includes something called “chained CPI” as a way to reduce Social Security benefits. I will not support it. And will not vote for any plan that includes cuts to benefits Americans have earned. The proposal has already sparked large protests by…

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So to the point.

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This is why I love Rachel Maddow. I haven’t heard a word about this anywhere else. If you want the summary of this, basically, Republicans in North Carolina are trying to prevent college students (as in, the younger, usually educated, more progressive generation) from being able to vote. How you ask? 

By creating a TAX PENALTY if you choose to register to vote in the state your university is in (if you are an out-of-state student), even though the Supreme Court ruled that it is a constitutional right to be able to vote at your educational institution. In what way is it constitutional to charge an individual for their right to vote?!

I think I’m at the point where I can say I hate the majority of the Republican party, because of their blatant disregard for constitutional law when it goes against their initiatives (not to say that the Democratic party is perfect, or anywhere near it). What I don’t understand is, how do they keep getting away with this shit?